Mind the Generation Gap

Conflict between the young and the old has greatly escalated since the Umbrella Movement in 2014. They label each other as “useless youths” and “fogeys” respectively, blaming each other for causing problems in society. Varsity talks to both sides and explores what drives their hostility.

Colour Lines

Hong Kong brands itself as an international city, but there is little doubt that race draws lines between people in our city. Varsity talks to people of non-Chinese ethnicity in Hong Kong and learn about the racism and microagressions they encounter, why it happens and how they think it can be tackled.

The Walls Within

Traditional life in Hong Kong's indigenous villages has changed over the years as indigenous villagers move out and outsiders move in. How do these groups get along with one another and how does that compare with the unspoken rules villagers have always used to maintain relations?