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“About a year ago, I had my first dream in Cantonese,” says Wu excitedly. “I felt so much more like a Hongkonger. It made me feel like I have lived here long enough to be part of the culture.”

Wu calls himself a “Hongkongporean” and considers both Singapore and Hong Kong home, at different times. When he is travelling, he always thinks of the apartment he rents with his roommate in Sheung Wan, the very first home he has ever had to himself.

Wu loves to travel for leisure but he is doing a lot of work travel these days. He says he will be flying to Amsterdam, Stockholm, Singapore, New York and Oxford to accompany his students this summer.

As much as he loves to travel, he admits it is a totally different experience when travelling for work. “I’m actually working.”

Wu says positive feedback from students is what gives him the energy to keep going. “Their journals make me happy,” Wu says and his smile shows he means every word.

Looking back at his achievements, Wu regrets not giving himself the opportunity to become a DJ, a career that he long aspired to. However, he cannot express how “lucky and blessed” he feels to have stumbled upon education, a career that happens to fit him so well. “It feels right. I know my destiny is [to be] an educator.”

Although life has turned out to be vastly different from what Wu originally imagined, he is living his dream. Like a professional performer, he continues to put on a good show with confidence and charm, regardless of where his stage is set and who his audience is.