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Experience Hong Kong’s first 3D museum

By Cindy Gu

When your friend declares, “See, I’ve just visited the South Pole”, you may not believe him – until he shows you a photo of himself standing in the middle of a large crowd of penguins. But wait, how could he only be wearing a T-shirt and short trousers in such a chilly place?

Here is the answer – the photo is taken at the city’s first three-dimensional (3D) painting museum, Hong Kong 3D Museum. Opened in July 2014, the museum provides a unique experience for visitors to take offbeat photos with friends and family and interact with interesting paintings that appear three-dimensional when photographed. Over 70 3D paintings are displayed in the museum’s 10,000 square-foot hall.

The museum is divided into five zones of different themes, “Love Journey”, “Imaginary Wonderland”, “3D Experience Zone”, “Chinese Culture” and “Hong Kong Culture”. Visitors can create their own romantic love stories or exotic adventures with surreal backgrounds.

The essence of local culture is highlighted in the museum. “Elements of local culture make our museum unique,” Zaccheus Law Man-hing, managing director of Hong Kong 3D Museum, says. He says the museum hopes to promote local culture, both modern and old, through a special medium, 3D painting.

Some paintings are based on iconic Hong Kong cityscapes, including famous landmarks that now only exist as part of the collective memory. For example, there are paintings of the demolished Queen’s Pier and Kai Tak Airport, bringing visitors back to the good old days.

Law says the museum does not only offer a fun photo-shooting experience, but also an opportunity for visitors, especially the young ones, to learn more about the city’s history through the creative artworks.

This month, the museum is holding “The First Ever One Piece 3D Exhibition”, featuring the popular Japanese comic character, Luffy and his crew. It enables visitors to engage in the comic like never before. If you are a One Piece lover, don’t miss this unprecedented event.

Visit Hong Kong 3D Museum at 1/F Hilton Tower, Tsim Sha Tsui East. For more information, please visit

Edited by Yan Li