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2022 was a difficult year for the entire world, and we are still running into obstacles and resistance as the pandemic develops. In this issue of Varsity, our reporters have written about people who suffered greatly and other numerous touching stories. 

In the periscope section, Varsity reporters interviewed women from Iran and those who protested mainland China’s harsh “Zero-Covid” policy. They struggle for independence and freedom in their own nations. The screams and roars of the victims in the stories are a testament to bravery.

The footsteps of artists were never stopped by the pandemic. No matter the street photographer Stacey Li or Charlotte Lui who draws sketches on the metro, they are chasing their goals in a special way. These Stories are available in our lifestyle and people section.

This issue of Varsity also featured other social topics. For example, recent government papers related to city hygiene problems are pushing scavengers to the corner. They already survive in the lowest level of Hong Kong society and now their living space is even more limited. Ice factories supplying one third of the daily ice demand of the whole city are facing the risk of being shut down due to the change of land use by the government. 

Aristotle once said, “Courage is the first of human qualities, because it is the quality which guarantees the others.” I sincerely hope the stories in the December issue can bring courage and hope to our audience. There are people struggling but never give up fighting.

I hope you have an enjoyable reading.

Jack Deng

Managing Editor

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