Lion Dance Roars on

Lion-dance gets a 21st century makeover in Hong Kong

Make-up on the Run

Instant peel-off eyeshadow for time-strapped beauty afficionados

The Sprouting Postcard

The postcard that turns into a mini garden

Stitching Back in Time

Reporter:Phoebe Man and Phyllis Lee

The Perfect Mix – Mix Your Own Wine in Central

Reporter: Phyllis Lee Tze-ching The neighbourhood around Lan Kwai Fong is well known as a place where you can enjoy a glass of wine with...

Cupmen to the Rescue! Cup Noodle Timer Extraordinaire

Reporter: Phoebe Man Your stomach is growling from hunger. After making a tough decision over which soup base to choose, you pour boiling water into...

Fishing for memories

The sweet and bitter lives of Hong Kong’s Fisherfolk

Message to Self – Aged 10 Years from Now

Ever thought of messaging yourself in the future? Postmoment in Mongkok offers the service of letter delivery to the future. It also sells cards that allow you to unleash your creativity.

Go Vintage

It is the season to refresh your wardrobe! Go Vintage!. Bring out your personal style and show your creativity by customising pre-owned clothes. Mee&Gee sell cheap, one-of-a-kind items that are easy to mix-and match.

Watch That Adds Value

Beats Octopus Watch is timepiece, Octopus card and photo-album rolled into one Reporter: Stephanie Chan Tsz King Imagine you are holding a bag of shopping in your...