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March 2014 - For the Greater Good

The Business of CSR

The term corporate social responsibility - or CSR - has generated a lot of buzz in recent years. Many people in Hong Kong would associate it with the charitable and philanthropic acts of businesses. Practitioners say it goes further than that, and covers sustainability and engagement with workers, consumers and the community. But perhaps fewer people are aware of the criticisms that CSR is little more than corporate whitewashing and spin. Varsity looks at the arguments.

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Calling for More Tree Surgeons

Urban trees are an integral part of Hong Kong’s cityscape but there aren’t enough trained tree experts to manage and take care of them. The government and education sector are trying to change that, but for now working conditions are keeping newcomers away.

The Digital Divide

Varsity meets two groups of people who are challenged technologically - residents in remote villages and the elderly - to understand their sufferings and hopes.

Dining with Barriers

Wheelchair users share their experiences of dining out and tell us how well-equiped local restaurants are to serving people with disabilities.