Celia Chan Sze-ki thinks iMusic.hk gives every music lover a stage to perform and share.
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iMusic.hk: your map of indie music, a platform to share and enjoy music
Reporter: Rene Lam

Some of you may have a beautiful voice but every time you sing on stage, stage fright just gets the better of you. So you might think that you are doomed to singing in the shower for the rest of your life.

Some of you may be sick of karaoke music manufactured by giant record labels. You keep browsing YouTube but there are simply too many videos to search to find a fine indie music channel.

For all frustrated music lovers, iMusic.hk offers an oasis that satisfies both your need to perform and to listen to original music. Set up in June 2008, it is a Hong Kong based music portal that encourages individual musicians to upload their musical works, be they original songs or covers of pop songs.

So how does iMusic.hk work?

Musicians get their own artist page after registering as members. Not only can you share your music in your channel, you can also publish the score and other related tags in the “vault” section. Besides, you can keep your fans up-to-date with any happenings by posting photos or creating blog entries.

iMusic.hk is also connected with several online radio stations, such as Uchannel.hk and UDpower.com, which allows you to air your music between their programmes and get your voice heard by a bigger audience.

For music lovers who enjoy listening to fresh voices, iMusic.hk is a platform where you can hear a range of sounds and styles.

You can also create your own radio station by arranging your favourite songs. Just click on your playlist every time you login and then minimise your channel window if you want to work to the beat. You can also act as DJ for your friends by sharing your radio with them.

Celia Chan Sze-ki, a 15-year-old rock ‘n’ roll lover, who made it to number three on the artist chart in iMusic.hk, treasures the opportunity to share her music. She thinks the website is a dream come true, a platform where she can upload her work and be a rock ‘n’ roll singer.

Since most of the artists own the copyright of their works, you can download most of the songs directly from iMusic.hk. The site specialises in audio sharing so the streaming speed is amazingly fast.

Another distinctive function is the community and event function, which enables any member of the site to invite other members to join a musical event.

In the world of Web 2.0, every performer has the power to get their voice heard and every audience member has unlimited choices.

All you need is passion and the will to make your own music at home, then broadcast your talent to the world through iMusic.hk. Now click onto iMusic.hk and enjoy your own radio.