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In this issue of Periscope we look at three sectors that used to be known for their ‘home-grown’ productivity but have declined since their former heydays – agriculture, industry and film. These sectors are supposedly undergoing revivals but we ask if this is really the case and explore the challenges facing revitalisation.

In 2016, the government announced a New Agricultural Policy and followed this with plans for a new hi-tech agricultural park in order to modernise and boost agriculture in Hong Kong. We talk to local farmers, founders of farming societies and concern groups voice their discontent on the mismatch between government expectations and farmers’ needs.

In response to growing calls to diversify the economy, the government has promoted “re-industrialisation” as a new area of economic growth with the help of innovation and technology. Manufacturers in different fields tell us about the difficulties in realising the government’s plans to develop high value-added industries.

It may be impossible to recapture the golden days of Hong Kong cinema, in which local films enjoyed massive popularity throughout Asia. But there are now more young independent filmmakers making films that provoke audiences to reflect upon society, display a strong Hong Kong sensibility and often address social issues. We hear about how young producers and directors sustain a living in Hong Kong, and talk to critics about government policies and subsidies for local film productions.