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Multimedia January 2016

Hong Kong’s Recycling Business: Recycling More, Earning Less?

Recycling is not a profitable business in Hong Kong anymore. But landfills are filling up, so the government set up a $1-billion recycling fund this year to try and solve the issue before it gets out of control. We look at how the industry works in Hong Kong, and where it could be improved.
Hong Kong private museum Liang Yi

When Private Turns Public

More and more private museums have opened in Hong Kong in recent years. Unlike public museums, many of them showcase very specific interests. In a tiny place like Hong Kong, you can find museums featuring toys, furniture, camera equipment and even fans.
Hong Kong Focus Po Toi Island

Po Toi Island – The Gem in the Rough

Every weekend, tourists descend on the small island of Po Toi off the southern coast of Hong Kong. A tiny population still lives there without water and electricity. Residents, and conservationists consider whether or not the island should be developed, and how much.