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District Council Polls 2019

Results of Incumbent Super District Councillors in 2019 District Council Election

While district councillors’ work focuses on district affairs, they can also be elected as lawmakers in the Legislative Council through “super district council” seats. This is how incumbent super district councillors fared this election.

Next Term of the District Councils: Distribution of Seats by Political Affiliation

The pro-democracy camp won majority seats in at least 17 out of 18 districts in Sunday's District Council Election. Here is a closer look at the distribution of seats so far.

2019 District Council Elections saw a record-breaking voter turnout rate

The total voter turnover rate of the 2019 District Council Election is 71.20%, making it the most participated election recorded in Hong Kong.

2019 District Council Election: Controversial Constituencies Results

This year's election has seen an unprecedented voter turnover rate. Varsity takes a look at special constituencies and their election results.