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“For instance, it [the conservation of Lung Fu Shan] is a long hard process, but it reflects how persistent she [Leung] is in fighting for the walkers’ interests,” says Chiu. “She dares to speak up and ask for things. I have learnt from her that you can only have the things you want when you dare to ask for them. She can make the impossible possible.”

Although Leung has a strong personality, Chiu says that does not mean she is bossy. “When you talk to her, you can feel the passion she has for the things she is fighting for, and that makes you want to help her.”
Chiu thinks Leung draws people into noticing an issue through her genuine and passionate personality, rather than by forcing them to listen and brainwashing them.

Some have told Leung she has what it takes to become a politician with her strong character and her concern over the things happening around her, but Leung only wants to identify herself as a housewife who dares to speak out and fight for her interests.

“A lot of times, we see things that are wrong or unacceptable but not many people actually speak out and take action,” says Leung. “For me, I don’t mind taking some time out to fight for our interests. When you see there is something wrong, don’t just accept the existing situation and wait for someone else to take care of it.”