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Dunn places a higher priority on his interests than his career, but even in pursuing his interests, he sees no need to rush. Although he has always wanted to fly, he only got his pilot’s license at the age of 40. He says people often do not have the resources and perseverance needed to achieve their goals when they are young, so there is no need to hurry.

“If you would like to accomplish many goals in your 20s, I think this is wishful thinking rather than really having dreams or ideals,” he says. “So don’t rush! Take it step by step, and you can have more fun!” Following this principle, Dunn became a qualified diver six years ago, adding another feather to his cap.

Throughout the interview, Dunn often says events in his life “just happened”. He is very grateful that he has not forced himself to achieve a lot. He just follows his heart and sees where life takes him.

Dunn is also thankful for the permissive parenting style of his family. His parents gave him lots of freedom and never arranged a tight schedule of extra-curricular activities for him. Neither did they force him to work for the family business. Dunn is the person he is today because he could determine his own path.

As a father of four, Dunn raises his children according to the same principles. He says his parenting style is quite relaxed. He would not force his kids to acquire skills against their will. “You are on your own when exploring interest. There is no need to push and it is not worth it. Give time for them to rest and think. I believe that personal space is crucial for self-reflection,” he says. For instance, Dunn says he would not interrupt his kids when they are using social media because he does not want them to feel they are under surveillance.

Dunn shows the medals from his service in the regiment
Dunn shows the medals from his service in the regiment

Parenting has also motivated Dunn to acquire one more skill. To know more about his children’s personalities, he has taken up graphoanalysis or handwriting analysis. He is very pleased that his kids are mature and hopes they can pursue what they really like when they grow up.

Having entered his 50s, Dunn can say that life has dealt him a good hand. So far, he has managed to achieve success pretty much on his own terms. He puts it down to following his heart rather than any master plan.

He sums up his philosophy of life by comparing it to a game of golf. “Just like playing golf, I can’t see how many swings I’m going to take. Instead I will concentrate on every single swing, and see the natural outcome,” says Dunn. For him, living in the moment is the only way to live.

“The memories and experiences are there when you look back. That is enough for me,” says Dunn with a satisfied smile.

Edited by James Fung