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Enjoy your ultimate fitness experience with Pavigym

by Megan Leung

You may expect gym equipment at a fitness studio, but Pavigym presents you with a spacious training room and lights flashing on the floor and walls. Pavigym is a European training concept that OPStudio has just brought to Hong Kong. Unlike traditional training, Pavigym is an interactive workout system that involves no equipment.

Wayne Clark, business and education manager of OPStudio, says the studio has a “train the way you play” philosophy, which fits the interactive, personalised and fun Pavigym. He says that’s why it stood out from all the other training programmes on the market.

Pavigym training is done in small groups with trainees doing games and challenges together. The trainer sets tasks on a computer. Floor panels and pressure sensitive walls with built-in sensors light up accordingly. The sensors detect and record the movements of a trainee during a workout. To double up the fun, the lights in the room change colours based upon the moods of the exercise— warm tones for high intensity workouts and cool ones for cooling down.

The physical benefits of Pavigym training aren’t much different from other forms of exercise, but it makes the trainig more fun. Once you start hitting the lights flashing on the walls and floor, you won’t even realise that you’re working out.OPTIMUM-12

The studio also plans to start classes for children and families.

“This is very much user-friendly for all ages, from being able to walk to not being able to walk,” Clark says. “When you’re working in a situation like this, you only work as much as your body will allow you to, so there’s no pressure to keep up.”

After being in the health and fitness industry for 40 years, Clark says people are too focused on the competitive nature of sports, which he says might not be good.

“That’s not what health and fitness should be about at all, it should be about fun and just having a great time and not worrying about the pressure of competing or performing.”

As an educator in sports science, his goal is to promote the importance of exercises and sports, making it a habit rather than a goal-orientated activity.

Pavigym is located at OPStudio, 2/F, World Trust Tower, 50 Stanley Street, Central. Call 2868-5170 or head to for details and rates.

Edited by Kate Kim