Shall We Talk Online?

With a growing demand for mental health services, online mental health services have emerged as an alternative treatment option.

Sustainability – Future Fashion Trend

On average, about 343 tons of textile garbage are produced every day in Hong Kong. Conscious fashion experts make efforts to promote sustainable fashion trends and reduce textile waste in Hong Kong.

Young Instagram influencers

Instagram influencers are trending among university students for self-recognition and some pocket money.

Live the Life You Want

Three interviewees share why they value quality lifestyle over material success and social status.

Love Shaped by Colours

Ongoing protests affect dating lives as different political views cause conflicts between lovers.

A Cinema in Every Neighbourhood

Watching movies is no longer confined to cinemas. Public screenings have now penetrated the city and drawn community members together.

Shopping Politically

The protest against Anti-ELAB are escalated from the street to the market, altering consumer behaviour. Varsity talks to one of the “ethical business” shop owners, online shop boycott campaigner and two ordinary consumers to know more about the development and impact of the movement.

Behind the Masks

Can Xiqu, a relatively unpopular traditional art among the young generation, thrive again with the opening of the new Xiqu Centre in West Kowloon?

Catch Me if You Can

Kabaddi - a relatively unknown sport in Hong Kong - aims to break the barriers between ethnic minorities and local citizens.

Camera Eats First

Taking a sip of photogenic bubble tea and posting it on social media has become a fad in Hong Kong, which has a strong influence on the bubble tea market..