Rolling with K-wave

While COVID-19 put brakes on travel, cross-border sales and concerts, in Hong Kong, fans and business operators do not see the local K-pop craze stemmed.

A Noise Lullaby

People suffering from sleeping problems listen to ASMR to help them fall asleep.

Decluttering amidst Pandemic

How pandemic gives rise to decluttering - a way to cope with heightened global uncertainty.

Podcast Boom

Podcasters in Taiwan witness a growth in the industry during the pandemic.

Health Alarm Rings

COVID-19 reminds many of how important a healthy lifestyle is.

Self-love – An Endless Journey

Say no to body-shaming. How’s the city embracing body positivity?

Strength Training with Babies in Wombs

Mothers find strength training beneficial for their pregnancy.

Eating Green

Modern vegetarian eateries are emerging, in response to the rising demand for plant-based dishes - 34 per cent of the Hongkongers adopt a plant-based diet at least one day a week.

Surviving Cinemas in China

Cinemas in China are facing hardship caused by COVID-19.

Sunlight through the Cracks

Running online stores is becoming a popular career choice for graduates hit by the pandemic.