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Multimedia January 2012

Barrier-free Access for Disabled Students on HK Campuses?

The number of disabled students at Hong Kong's universities has risen over the past decade. New facilities built on the territories campuses have to comply with guidelines for disabled access. But as some disabled students have told Varsity, barrier-free access is not just about getting around campus.

Artist Village in Wan Chai

Foo Tak Building in bustling Wan Chai is an unexpected oasis of art and culture. The artists and cultural workers based here are able to do so due to the largesse of a mysterious benefactor.

Dancing Life

Dance may not be the most popular career choice for most university graduates but for some who have been bitten by the dancing bug, a life without dance is unthinkable.

Hong Kong Bikers Shrug off Gang Stereotypes

Biker groups are not all about bad boys in black leather and chains. Varsity talks to members of local motorbike clubs, who count doctors and businessmen among their number.