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Multimedia January 2014

The Perfect Mix

Some Hong Kong parents pay high school fees to let their children have an international education in the city's international schools but at one government-aided primary school in Mid-levels, local and expatriate pupils learn with and from each other in a setting that mixes local and international elements. Varsity meets and teachers and children of this multicultural school.

Villages without Water

It's hard to imagine life without tap water in modern, affluent Hong Kong. But for those that live in the 20 plus villages that do not have treated water supply, this is a daily reality. Varsity meets the villagers who are fighting to have this most basic resource in their homes.

Hong Kong’s ‘Drifting’ Mainlanders

In recent years, the term 'gang piao', literally 'Hong Kong drifters' has been used to describe the educated young mainlanders who study and then work in Hong Kong. The gang piao identify with and have taken to Hong Kong's culture, language and values to varying degrees. Some mix only with other gang piao and speak Putonghua, while others have learnt Cantonese and find themselves changed by their Hong Kong experience. Varsity hears some of their stories.

Room for More and Better Hostel Rooms

The ever increasing number of visitors to Hong Kong means the demand for accommodation keeps going up, yet hotel accommodation in Hong Kong is notoriously expensive. Youth hostels could provide a decent, safe and reasonably-priced alternative for those who want to experience Hong Kong but most of them are currently in remote areas and serve hikers. Is there room for more hostels in easily accessed areas?