Shopping Green

More consumers buy used clothes from second-hand shops.

Social Media Detox

Many have tried social media detox for better physical and mental well-being.


Emoticon is popular among Koreans for its cute and delicate way of delivering emotion. By Chaelim Kim

New Blood for Font Design Family

Hong Kong computer font designers introduce Cantonese characters in new digital typeface designs, fueling the city's rise of Cantonese culture.

I Cannot Leave This City

By Gabriella Lynn While more French people leave Hong Kong during the pandemic, some are determined to stay in...

Millennials Return to Nature

More young people in South Korea develop a career in farming recently. By Chaelim Kim

Slime Eases Pandemic Stress

Many young people in China play slime to ease stress during the pandemic. By Sophia Wu

Night Owls in Universities

Many university students stay up for leisure to make up for their “lost daytime”.

Wear Your Heart on Your Skin

Though the anti-ELAB movement is publicly dying down, some are choosing to get tattoos as a way for the movement to live...

Blind Box Fever

Introducing blind box and the craze behind.