Calligraphy Therapist

Calligraphy therapist Kwan Man-lung comforts troubled souls with his writing. Enya So Calligraphy artist Kwan...

Voice of Transgender Youth

A transgender young man founded an organization to raise the public awareness of transgender.

Scent of Darkness

A blind man gets his life back with a fragrance company. Phoebe Chu Holding his...

Illustrations Put Us in Sync

Illustrator Choi Ming-sum, who goes by the name Choi Sum, shares how her drawings which were only meant to be the chicken...

Hong Kong is Our Home too

The city’s first registered ethnic minority social worker, Jeffrey Andrews, shares his experience in raising a voice for a multicultural Hong Kong.

A Cantonese Fan from London

Polyglot Grace Njoku learns Cantonese by herself and shares her learning experience on YouTube.

The Rebellious Game Content Creator

Ade Zun has surprisingly attracted a bunch of faithful fans despite refusing to create contents appealing to the public.

Breaking Free Through Her Lens

Terenia Puspita shares her life as both a domestic helper and amateur photographer in Hong Kong.

High School Student Starts NGO to Fight Period Poverty

A high school student devotes herself to helping girls suffering from period poverty in China.

Why Don’t we Talk about Sex?

Vera Lui Wing-hang, a sex toy shop owner, shares her transformation from a girl with zero sex knowledge to a sex educator promoting positive sex.