2019 District Council Elections saw a record-breaking voter turnout rate

The total voter turnover rate of the 2019 District Council Election is 71.20%, making it the most participated election recorded in Hong Kong.

Former student activists standing in the District Council elections

Varsity talks to two former student activists who run for the coming District Council elections, Tiffany Yuen Ka-wai and Lester Shum Ngo-fai, to learn about their perspectives and visions.

District Council Voting

In this series of infographics, Varsity presents an overview of how the District Council voting system works.

What you should know about the 2019 District Council Election

Varsity takes a look at the composition and competition for the District Council before election day. Here are a few key points.

Former pan-democrat Frederick Fung strikes back against criticisms of vote splitting

By Daphne Li Veteran democrat, now independent Frederick Fung Kin-kee describes his candidacy in the Kowloon West By-election as an “advocacy of democracy” and “declaration...

“Localist” Judy Tzeng Li-wen seeks to raise awareness on local district issues

By Daphne Li Unaffiliated Judy Tzeng Li-wen is standing for the Kowloon West By-election claiming to be "the only localist” in the by-election. She says...

Lee Cheuk-yan hopes to regain veto power for pan-democratic camp

By Gloria Li Labour Party’s Lee Cheuk-yan is running for the Kowloon West Legislative Council By-election as the “Plan B” for fellow party member Lau...

Unaffiliated anti-independence activist Ng Dick-hay hopes to raise awareness for grassroots’ woes

By Gloria Li Ng Dick-hay is running his second campaign after losing in the Legislative Council Hong Kong Island By-election earlier this year, obtaining...

Kowloon West By-election Buzzwords Explained

In our terminology series, Varsity explains a few of the buzzwords in the upcoming Legislative Council Kowloon West By-election.

11.25 LegCo Kowloon West By-election – All You Need to Know

Who are the candidates of the Legislative Council Kowloon West By-election? What are their political affiliations? What happened during the nomination period? Take a look at Varsity's graphics and you will find all the information you need.