Watching me, watching you

The government is allowed to intercept and carry out surveillance on private citizens in the name of public security and there are laws to regulate the snooping. However, critics say the regulations are out-of-date in the digital age and existing safeguards are insufficient to protect citizens' privacy rights.

Build From the Bottom Up

District councils are meant to serve residents, but in reality they can be out of touch with the public or lack the power to bring meaningful change. Some residents are taking matters into their own hands and forming their own groups to get things done.

Street life or street obstruction?

The government is proposing to tighten laws on street obstruction, but critics of the plan say the authorities should accommodate local features. Varsity visits black spots for street obstruction at Mong Kok’s flower market, Temple Street and Tai Ping Shan Street.

Parents Conquer All

Parents are increasingly being seen as customers as education becomes more market-oriented. Some teachers in DSS schools believe this has led to greater pressure on teachers from pushy parents. By Billy Leung and Amy Leung

Colour Lines

Hong Kong brands itself as an international city, but there is little doubt that race draws lines between people in our city. Varsity talks to people of non-Chinese ethnicity in Hong Kong and learn about the racism and microagressions they encounter, why it happens and how they think it can be tackled.

Stars Take a Stand

Some local stars, notably singers Denise Ho and Anthony Wong took a high profile stance in support of the Umbrella Movement. Varsity looks at the price celebrities may have to pay by supporting political causes, not just in Hong Kong but in the increasingly lucrative mainland market.

Getting on the flight path

Hong Kong's status as an aviation centre is enshrined in the Basic Law, but over the years, aviation education and training have lagged behind, exacerbating a labour shortage problem. With a huge expected increase in demand for manpower after the third runway is built, what's being done to catch up?

Periscope November 2019 – Smoke, Screens and Visions

Hong Kong has been plagued by ongoing “leaderless and be water” protests as protesters plan every rally with a fluid and...

Broken Hearts of the City

The prolonged anti-extradition bill movement has affected HongKonger’s mental health.

The Problem Behind the University Admission System

Academics voice concern over fairness and social mobility, as the number of non-JUPAS students admitted to prestigious programmes is on the rise.