Less Tutoring, More Anxiety

Despite effort to ease pressure on school pupils and parents, the Chinese education system remains competitive.

2021 Election Committee Subsector Ordinary Elections

The 2021 Election Committee Subsector Ordinary Elections

Crackdown on Private Tutoring

The Chinese government has introduced new regulations to cut down tutoring hours, leading to unemployment and forcing companies to restructure their business models.

Apple Daily Spirit Lives on

Former Apple Daily journalists remain in their profession, despite declining press freedom. By Gloria Chan Yi-lam

Heritage Conservation? or Conversion?

Amid rising attention to Hong Kong cultural heritage by the young generation, the Central Market is newly opened to the public.

A Neighbourhood Complying with the Trend of Times

Tangled up in redevelopment and a railway launch, To Kwa Wan residents find ways to cope with the changes in the old neighbourhood.

Millennials Return to Nature

More young people in South Korea develop a career in farming recently. By Chaelim Kim

A Cantonese Fan from London

Polyglot Grace Njoku learns Cantonese by herself and shares her learning experience on YouTube.

Education Unions: the Past, Present and Future

Disbandment of a an experienced professional union and what does this means to the future of political participation and civil society in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is Our Home too

The city’s first registered ethnic minority social worker, Jeffrey Andrews, shares his experience in raising a voice for a multicultural Hong Kong.