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Multimedia May 2012

Tea Dance waltzes into the Future

It started in the 1960's as gatherings where the young and cool went to dance, listen to the latest bands and just be seen, but the tea-dance is alive and well in 21st century Hong Kong. The world of the tea-dance is a world away from the hustle and bustle of urban Hong Kong. In dance-halls above street-level in commercial buildings, couples spend their afternoons practising their waltzes and striking poses for Latin dances.

Transsexual Marriage

A landmark case involving W, a transsexual woman who wants to get married in Hong Kong is expected to be heard at the Court of Final Appeal next year. Now, W's story is being dramatised in a musical called "Dream of the Mermaid". Varsity meets members of the production and looks at some of the struggles faced by transsexuals in Hong Kong.

No Place to Call Home

As rental prices continue to soar in Hong Kong, more and more people are struggling to find a place to call home. With long waiting lists for public housing, some low-income families and individuals are resorting to renting sub-divided units in industrial buildings. These are cheaper than sub-divided units in residential buildings but they are also illegal and tenants face the constant threat of eviction.

Food Banks: Enough food for all?

The rising cost of food in Hong Kong has hit its poorest the hardest. Increasingly, people on low incomes are turning to food banks to help fulfill their basic needs. But these food banks face operational restrictions, particularly those who that are subsidized by the government.