Hong Kong’s squatter settlements – from transit points to cherished homes

Hong Kong's squatter settlements are an integral part of the territory's history. Since the 1980's, these shantytowns have been steadily demolished to make way for public housing estates, private residential developments and malls. Varsity speaks to residents who are still living in some of the remaining squatter homes. Some are waiting to move to public housing flats. Others, like the villagers of Ma Shi Po view their squatter houses as their home and never want to leave.

Varsity Multimedia May 2011

Varsity's latest multimedia stories. Highlights include: the last sailing from Hung Hom to Central and a history of Hong Kong's cross-harbour ferries, Hong Kong's Shanghai barber shops and the growing number of Macau students in Hong Kong's universities.

Lagging behind the Wheel of Time

Hong Kong's cross-harbour ferries used to be the only mode of transport for crossing the harbour between Kowloon and Hong Kong. The Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry crossing is still an icon of Hong Kong, but the golden days of cross-harbour ferry transport have faded. Varsity looks at the last day of the Hung Hom to Central route and the history of the cross-harbour ferries.

Sun sets on Hong Kong’s Shanghai Barber Shops

Hong Kong's barber shops used to be seen as stylish places to get the latest hairstyles and exemplary service. Now, they are seen as antiquated relics of a bygone age. Some Shanghai barbers are refusing to hang up their scissors just yet, but even they know the days of Shanghai barber shops in Hong Kong are numbered.

Reviving local agriculture in Hong Kong

Local farmers are struggling to compete against cheaper imports from the mainland. The Accredited Farm Scheme is supposed to help local farmers get better prices for their produce and encourage consumer confidence in locally grown fruit and vegetables. But not all farmers are convinced of the benefits.

Macau Students in Hong Kong

More and more Macau students are applying to Hong Kong's universities. You might not notice them on Hong Kong's campuses because they speak the same language as local students and share a very similar culture. Varsity finds out what attracts them to learn in Hong Kong.

Street Performance Central in Mong Kok

Mong Kok's pedestrian street is known as a shopping paradise but it also an impromptu stage for a diverse bunch of performers after dark. Cantopop crooners, elderly moonwalking dancers and South American musicians can be found beside street theatre enthusiasts.

New neutering policy to save thousands of stray dogs

An upcoming pilot scheme to neuter and release stray dogs may save thousands of the animals and help to stamp out illegal neutering operations, say animal welfare groups.

Hong Kong’s Wet Markets Struggle to Survive

Reporters: Candy Chin, Hazel Chung, Jennifer Kwok, Phoebe Man As you walk along Fu Shin Street, the sound of vendors’ proclaiming their wares fills your...

Dream On – Indie Music in HK

Reporters: Andrew Choi, Crystal Chui, Rebecca Wong Microphones checked, guitars ready. It is almost time for the show. Members of the audience sit on the ground,...