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Multimedia May 2011

Reviving local agriculture in Hong Kong

Local farmers are struggling to compete against cheaper imports from the mainland. The Accredited Farm Scheme is supposed to help local farmers get better prices for their produce and encourage consumer confidence in locally grown fruit and vegetables. But not all farmers are convinced of the benefits.

Macau Students in Hong Kong

More and more Macau students are applying to Hong Kong's universities. You might not notice them on Hong Kong's campuses because they speak the same language as local students and share a very similar culture. Varsity finds out what attracts them to learn in Hong Kong.

Street Performance Central in Mong Kok

Mong Kok's pedestrian street is known as a shopping paradise but it also an impromptu stage for a diverse bunch of performers after dark. Cantopop crooners, elderly moonwalking dancers and South American musicians can be found beside street theatre enthusiasts.

New neutering policy to save thousands of stray dogs

An upcoming pilot scheme to neuter and release stray dogs may save thousands of the animals and help to stamp out illegal neutering operations, say animal welfare groups.