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Multimedia May 2013

Residents face forced move from Tai O’s Tin Lee House

Tin Lee House in Tai O village is the public housing block with the lowest occupancy rate in Hong Kong, with just 14 households. Now those households, mainly made up of elderly people who lost their former homes in a fire, have been told they must leave because the government wants to sell the flats under the Home Ownership Scheme. Here, the residents tell their stories.

Wheelchair Athletes Call for Better Sports Facilities

Hong Kong's successful Paralympics athletes are widely lauded by the government and in the media for their inspiring achievements. But little is heard about sporting needs of ordinary disabled people. Here, they tell Varsity about the problems they face in finding venues to train and the hurdles they encounter with the lack of facilities that cater to their needs.

Cyclists Savour Life in the Slow-lane

Hong Kong is known for having a fast pace of life and fierce competitive streak. But not everyone is happy to participate in the rat race. Varsity meets some the Slow-mo cyclists, who have decided to literally slow down, wake up to the world around them and smell the roses.

Local Bands Snub Government’s Flyover Venue Plans

Fly the Flyover is a project to turn the underpasses of Kowloon East into venues for rock concerts and other cultural events. The government says it will help to revitalise the area and provide more cultural spaces in Hong Kong. But local bands tell Varsity they believe the plan is just a ploy to jack up rents and squeeze them out of Kwun Tong's factory buildings.