Showcasing Chinese Documentaries

A whole generation of documentary makers are recording the true stories behind the extraordinary changes in Chinese society in recent years. Now, a non-profit foundation that started in Taiwan is providing a platform for these works to reach a wider audience by organising screenings and helping to produce new works. CNEX is now screening and promoting Chinese documentaries in Hong Kong.

Emerging from the Broken

Varsity talks to one of the few Kintsugi practitioners in Hong Kong, Enders Wong, to know more about the spirit behind such artistry.

Spend a purr-fect afternoon reading with cats

A 38-year-old bookstore in North Point is a home to decades-old books and more than 30 homeless cats.

Snap, Scoop, Sell

In an age where media consumers are also media producers, Scoopshot is a mobile app that allows amateur photographers to share their smartphone photos with the world, and get paid for it. With this crowdsourcing platform, anyone can be a published photojournalist.

Share Your Vision

In a digital age where we are linked together by social platforms, Be My Eyes is a mobile app that allows sighted people to help visually impaired people through live video chat. Feel free to lend your eyes!

Accidental Art

Photo enthusiasts create collaborative art across borders with film-swapping.

bobble: Filter In Your Bottle

Store-bought bottled water has a huge energy footprint, and if it's imported, a huge carbon footprint too. Varsity introduces a more environmentally-friendly alternative, a refillable bottle that comes with a replaceable filter.

Dyeing for the Blues

Don't mind getting your fingers blue? Try your hand at indigo dyeing and make your own unique tote bag, t-shirts or pencil case.

Be Good!

Popular App enables users to experience the inconvenience of being disabled by holding onto a button on their smartphone

The Perfect Mix – Mix Your Own Wine in Central

Reporter: Phyllis Lee Tze-ching The neighbourhood around Lan Kwai Fong is well known as a place where you can enjoy a glass of wine with...