Paradise for Shutterbugs

Take offbeat and crazy photos that will trick people’s eyes at the city’s first 3D museum.

Preserving the Bloom

Want to send flowers that will never wilt to your special ones? Try pressed flower art to freeze petals and leaves in time.

Fly High

Paragliding lets you get a birds-eye view of Hong Kong by flying up with the birds.

Bring Your Own Bottle

Discover where the nearest public water fountain or dispenser is and do away with the need to buy expensive bottled water or add to Hong Kong's straining landfills by downloading the Water for Free mobile app.

Make An Impression

Want to impress your loved ones with beautiful hand-made greeting cards? Try making an impression with letterpress printing.

Dyeing for the Blues

Don't mind getting your fingers blue? Try your hand at indigo dyeing and make your own unique tote bag, t-shirts or pencil case.

Enjoy Outdoor Fun Inside

Hong Kong may have been battered by hail this spring, but snow remains a fantasy in our sub-tropical climate. Still, help is on hand for those who want to practice their skiing. Play is a massive indoor sports centre that offers dry slope skiing and snowboarding, as well as baseball and softball.

Snap, Scoop, Sell

In an age where media consumers are also media producers, Scoopshot is a mobile app that allows amateur photographers to share their smartphone photos with the world, and get paid for it. With this crowdsourcing platform, anyone can be a published photojournalist.

Perfect I’mperfection

I'MPERFECT celebrates the unique beauty of imperfection by taking ceramics cast off as 'seconds' and turning them into desirable goods in their own right.

The Company of Books

Hong Kong is not just about fast money, fast food and fast fashion. In the heart of the city, there is an oasis for reading and reflection. Varsity visits the Coming Society for a dose of intellectual stimulation.