The Great Escape

Form a team with your friends and play a real life escape game in the heart of the city with FreeingHK.
Hong Kong Toyau rural life workshop


A space in Sheung Shui hosts workshops for people who want to ditch city life for a while and get hands on with nature by making pottery from actual soil.

Message to Self – Aged 10 Years from Now

Ever thought of messaging yourself in the future? Postmoment in Mongkok offers the service of letter delivery to the future. It also sells cards that allow you to unleash your creativity.

Time to Watch out

Learn more about the mechanism and meaning behind handmade watches in Hong Kong.

A Fashionable Cause

Green Ladies is Hong Kong’s first consignment store – collecting and reselling unwanted fashion to reduce waste.

The Sprouting Postcard

The postcard that turns into a mini garden

A New Notion For Your Life

Branding itself as an “all-in-one workspace”, Notion is a tool that helps users organise and keep track of their work and life.

Veggie Dining for a Cause

Happy Veggies is a restaurant that serves up healthy, vegetarian fare while providing an opportunity for the deaf and hearing-impaired to work alongside hearing colleagues.

Be Our President

Be our president in The World Council and save our world before the doomsday comes.

Sleep with an App

Build a wonderland while you sleep.