Baton Charge

She's young, she's determined and she's taking charge. Hongkonger Vivian Ip Wing-wun is the first woman to be appointed as assistant conductor of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.

Born to Dance

Jin Yao is Hong Kong's leading ballerina. She was born into a dancing family and knew from an early age that she was destined to dance. Here, she tells Varsity about the gruelling and sometimes lonely life of a top dancer, and of what spurs her on.

One-man Crusade

Pong Yat-ming's one-man campaign to spend a year living without patronising Hong Kong's big conglomerates has ended. But the activist tells Varsity the crusade has already become part of his everyday life.

The Activist Journalist

Young and fearless, Zhao Sile is a feminist, human rights activist and journalist. She tells Varsity about the ups and downs of her career and how she persists in writing stories about controversial subjects in face of adversity.

Fun with Physics

For university lecturer Tong Shiu-sing, Physics is both fundamental and fun. Varsity caught up with the TV scientist who wants promote popular science to the general public.

From Hell to Heaven

Ricky Yeung Sau-churk worked for years as a salaryman, reinvented himself as an edgy artist and found peace and fulfillment as an art teacher in his 40s. He's retired now, but still contributing to community art and teaching.

A Playwright for Our Time

One of Hong Kong's best known and most promising playwrights, Candace Chong Mui Ngam tells Varsity about her journey from exploring the dark recesses of the human psyche in her work, to putting Hong Kong's most pressing social and political issues up on the stage.

Dancing on a Tightrope

Lyricist Chan Wing-him broke Lin Xi and Wyman Wong Wai-man's dominance of the local music industry by bagging the prize for Best Lyricist at the Ultimate Song Chart Awards this year. Here he tells Varsity about his journey from boy rebel to chart-topper.

One best shot: Vincent Yu

Internationally acclaimed Hong Kong photojournalist Vincent Yu on taking "one best shot" for every story and running his Upper Station Gallery.
Old photographer Lam Kwok-shing at Jim Jim Studio

Waiting for the Final Frame

Time stands still in Sammy Photo Studio in Yau Ma Tei, where photographer Lam Kwok-shing has spent decades capturing precious family moments on film for generations of customers.

Latest stories

Calling for More Tree Surgeons

Urban trees are an integral part of Hong Kong’s cityscape but there aren’t enough trained tree experts to manage and take care of them. The government and education sector are trying to change that, but for now working conditions are keeping newcomers away.

The Digital Divide

Varsity meets two groups of people who are challenged technologically - residents in remote villages and the elderly - to understand their sufferings and hopes.

Dining with Barriers

Wheelchair users share their experiences of dining out and tell us how well-equiped local restaurants are to serving people with disabilities.