Sowing the Seeds of Voluntourism

Bird Tang Wai-wing founded the voluntourism NGO VolTra in the hope that youngsters in Hong Kong can learn more about the world by working on grassroots projects around the world. But he insists projects must be based on local needs rather than on what volunteers hope to gain from the experience.

Lest We Forget

As the first local director of education of the Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Centre, Simon Li wants to do his part in making sure the darkest chapters of human history are never repeated, and to warn against the "silence of bystanders".

Expert Dickson – Love Guru and Man of Letters

He's the nerd that everyone loves; the loveless love guru who dishes out relationship "investment" advice. Yuen Man-tai, better known as Expert Dickson is an accidental internet celebrity who would rather you think of him as a writer.

Let it be, says Singing Doctor

Dr David Lee Ka-yan, who shot to fame as the singer of Siu Ming Visits Guangzhou says he doesn't know how long his time in the spotlight will last. But he is enjoying every minute of it and doesn't believe in thinking too far ahead. Varsity finds out what makes him tick.

Timothy O’Leary – Philosopher, Teacher, Defender

One of the most high profile defenders of academic freedom and university autonomy in Hong Kong is an Irish philosophy professor who arrived in Hong Kong 16 years ago, but feels a strong commitment to his home and university.

A Philosopher Rapper

Mastamic, who is best known for his annual Rap Up series, shares how he became a rapper, and how Hongkongers are still failing to appreciate local hip-hop culture.

Back to the Cold Weapon Era

A former fashion designer Jones Chan Kwok-chung’s love affair with Japanese swordsmanship and how he turned his passion for the Japanese fighting technique into his career.

From Class Time to Screen Time

Film professor, critic and actor Sean Tierney knows more about Hong Kong movies than most locals. Here's how he fell in love with local films - and how he ended up being in them too.

Dr Au Yiu-kai – Always On Call

Doctor Au Yiu-kai has braved Taliban attacks and Israeli airstrikes during this time as a volunteer physician in conflict and disaster areas across the world. None of these dangers has discouraged him from serving the sick and wounded. But here the head of the Occupy Central with Love and Peace (OCLP) volunteers’ medical team, he tells Varsity about his heartbreak over Hong Kong.

Square Peg in a Round Hole

How high school dropout Cesar Harada ended up building robots to clean up oil spills, travelling around the world and starting Makerbay in Hong Kong.