Stand by Our Gays

He's not just a pretty face. Mr Gay Hong Kong 2012, Benjie Caraig talks to Varsity about his journey to becoming an out Filipino gay man and his hopes to work for the gay community in Hong Kong.

Pak Sheung-chuen: Everyday Art

Reporter: Samuel Chan Che-chung Pak Sheung-chuen does not read the way most people do. What first catches the artist’s attention is not the title or...

Belated Acclaim for Veteran Actor

Leung Kin-ping never set out to be an actor, then he spent 30 years in supporting roles at TVB and now the hit movie Ten Years has finally made him a star.

The Gentle Rebel

Chang Tieh-chi may not look like a Rock 'n'Roll rebel but beneath the calm exterior of the Editor-in-Chief of Hong Kong's iconic "City Magazine" beats the heart of a former student activist who still wants to change the world. Varsity finds out what makes him tick.

Szeto Wah’s Long March

From Varsity May 2010 Reporter: Margaret Ng Yee-man, Photos: Nicole Pun Democratic stalwart, dedicated educator, proud patriot - these are all terms that can be used...

Gift of the Gag

Ray Chan Chin-ching has travelled from humble beginnings to co-found one of the world's fastest growing internet comedy sites. Until 9GAG won backing from prestigious Silicon Valley venture capitalists, few in Hong Kong realised it was a home-grown operation. Here, co-founder shares the secret to his success as an internet entrepreneur.

Tammy Cheung Documented

She has exhausted her savings and has long given up the pretty clothes and make-up she used to wear on a regular basis. Tammy Cheung Hung tells Varsity how the documentary-maker's life has transformed her "from being seen by others to seeing others."

Attitude the Key to Conquering Altitudes

John Tsang Chi-sing, one of Hong Kong's top mountaineers talks to Varsity about the life lessons he learned up on some of the world's highest and most treacherous peaks, and on why you can never be too old to achieve your dreams.

Why So Serious?

Patrick Dunn has been an accountant, a disc jockey, a TV presenter and a part-time soldier. He's also a qualified pilot and certified diver. It sounds like a classic profile for a striver. But here, the Buzz Lightyear lookalike explains his laid-back attitude to life makes him the opposite of a determined over-achiever.

The Solar-Powered Geek

How a student project led Hong Kong youngster Charles Watson to become a social entrepreneur providing solar-powered computers to developing world. By Cherry Ge

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Too Many International School Places

It is a misconception that Hong Kong doesn’t have enough international school places. In fact, there are too many, says Ruth Benny from Top Schools.

Eating with Caution

With 8 per cent of Hong Kong children suffering from allergies, many parents avoid giving their kids many types of food. Varsity explores why this may not be a good measure and how some allergy tests available in the market are actually useless.

Telling Hong Kong’s Story

The mainland Chinese government is in charge of Hong Kong's foreign affairs, but some Hongkongers think their views are not being represented and have taken on "civic diplomacy" to tell the world about Hong Kong, through organising city tours, as well as musical performances and protests abroad.