Sowing the Seeds of Voluntourism

Bird Tang Wai-wing founded the voluntourism NGO VolTra in the hope that youngsters in Hong Kong can learn more about the world by working on grassroots projects around the world. But he insists projects must be based on local needs rather than on what volunteers hope to gain from the experience.

Sayed Gouda – The Poet Who Will Not Be Silenced

As an exchange student, Egyptian poet Sayed Gouda witnessed the historic Tiananmen Square protests and crackdown of 1989. Now, as a Hong Kong resident, he once again found himself living under Beijing’s shadow after the Umbrella Movement broke out. Gouda talks to Varsity about his unforgettable memories of Beijing and his insights on the Occupy Central Movement.

The Pastor of Civic Square

He pitched a tent to protest alongside staff of HKTV, he is suing the government over the closure of Civic Square, he can be seen on the frontline at many of Hong Kong's social movements. American veteran and pastor Bob Kraft tells Varsity he is always protesting because fighting injustice is the right thing to do.

A Marriage of Linguistic Minds

Linguists Virginia Yip and Stephen Matthews are safeguarding Cantonese in both their professional careers and in their marriage. They've authored award-winning books on Cantonese and conducted groundbreaking research on the development of bilingualism in children - by studying their own children and raising them as native speakers of Cantonese and English.

An Englishman in South Lantau

British engineer Andrew Brown made history as Hong Kong's first expatriate village representative under the dual-heads electoral system. He's won three elections since 2003 and has revitalised San Shek Wan village. But Brown faces an obstacle, the indigenous head, Mo. How does he fight against the "feudalism" of traditional New Territories villages?

From Sweetheart to Survivor

She had a dazzling career spanning Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Korea as a teenage sweetheart. She gave it up to become a wife and mother. She survived divorce to bring up two children and embark on a new career as a clay artist. Varsity meets Gloria Yip Wan-yee.

Attitude the Key to Conquering Altitudes

John Tsang Chi-sing, one of Hong Kong's top mountaineers talks to Varsity about the life lessons he learned up on some of the world's highest and most treacherous peaks, and on why you can never be too old to achieve your dreams.

Dr Au Yiu-kai – Always On Call

Doctor Au Yiu-kai has braved Taliban attacks and Israeli airstrikes during this time as a volunteer physician in conflict and disaster areas across the world. None of these dangers has discouraged him from serving the sick and wounded. But here the head of the Occupy Central with Love and Peace (OCLP) volunteers’ medical team, he tells Varsity about his heartbreak over Hong Kong.

Galaman and the Armpit Revolution

Meet Johnee Lau Kwun-yiu, the young creator of Galaman - or Armpit Man - Hong Kong's baddest superhero. Lau tells Varsity how getting a bad grade in his public exams led him to first to question his own ability, and then on a journey to discovering his talent for animation.

Born to Dance

Jin Yao is Hong Kong's leading ballerina. She was born into a dancing family and knew from an early age that she was destined to dance. Here, she tells Varsity about the gruelling and sometimes lonely life of a top dancer, and of what spurs her on.