Opening Hong Kong’s Final Frontier

Sha Tau Kok - with its famous Chung Ying Street - is the last closed area in Hong Kong. Now, some residents are calling for it to be opened up to boost economic development. But others are strongly opposed to such moves and want to preserve their way of life.

Bidding a Green Farewell to Life

Floral tributes made from ribbons, paper coffins and recycled mourning clothes would go a long way in cutting down the waste generated at a conventional funeral. But despite efforts to promote green funerals in Hong Kong, traditional attitudes and beliefs along with reluctance on the part of commercial undertakers, are proving to be obstacles.

Stop and Look at the Birds

Hong Kong is a paradise for birds, and a paradise for birdwatchers. Conservationists say Hong Kong has good laws on bird protection and world-class wetland habitats, But as Varsity finds out, unrelenting development and poor awareness among the general public could threaten the environment for birds.

Surviving Single Fatherhood

What happens when a man suddenly finds himself a lone parent? Single and working mothers have always had to juggle career and family but for many single dads, lone parenthood provides fresh challenges. And as Varsity hears, opening up emotionally and asking for help are two of the biggest difficulties

Let’s Talk about Sex

The traditional view of sex education in schools focuses on avoiding unplanned pregnancies and abstinence. But many young people, educators, public health experts and social workers increasingly believe it should also cover topics such as safe sex, sexuality, sexual orientation and self-esteem. Ironically the flexibility given to schools on how the teach sex education may be a hindrance to an open discussion of these issues.

Unequal before the Law

Sexual harassment law protects customers from goods and service providers but not the other way round By Vanessa Cheung and Natalie Tsoi Leung is a 58-year-old...

Tapping into the Future

The popularity of mobile apps presents some of the best I.T. opportunities since the bursting of the internet bubble burst in 2000 and some Hong Kong developers are grasping those opportunities. Varsity asks what they need to survive and thrive in this competitive field?

Making the Cut

Trees are a welcome sight in our concrete jungle, but they often suffer from crowding, pollution and inappropriate care. Apart from causing damage to the trees, the poor management of trees also poses a risk to human safety. Conservationists and arborists - or tree doctors - say Hong Kong needs a Tree Ordinance and better urban planning are need to improve tree management.

Hong Kong’s Young Dream of Greener Pastures

Pollution, the high cost of property and living expenses, political discord - all are push factors for young people in Hong Kong who dream of emigrating to what they believe may be greener pastures overseas. A Varsity poll found that more than half of Hong Kong university students surveyed would like to emigrate. Here, we talk to those who want to leave, those who have left and those who have come back.

School’s Out Forever?

More than 170 school buildings are standing abandoned and idle across Hong Kong, even as the increasing number of cross-border students has led to a shortage of school places in parts of the New Territories. There have been calls for the government to reopen some school buildings to ease the pressure, and also to provide much needed community spaces. But as Varsity learns, attempts to put the buildings to use are mired in red-tape.