Snap, Scoop, Sell

In an age where media consumers are also media producers, Scoopshot is a mobile app that allows amateur photographers to share their smartphone photos with the world, and get paid for it. With this crowdsourcing platform, anyone can be a published photojournalist.

Fly High

Paragliding lets you get a birds-eye view of Hong Kong by flying up with the birds.

Paradise for Shutterbugs

Take offbeat and crazy photos that will trick people’s eyes at the city’s first 3D museum.

Preserving the Bloom

Want to send flowers that will never wilt to your special ones? Try pressed flower art to freeze petals and leaves in time.

Share Your Vision

In a digital age where we are linked together by social platforms, Be My Eyes is a mobile app that allows sighted people to help visually impaired people through live video chat. Feel free to lend your eyes!
Secret Move Hong Kong Varsity's Choice

Mysterious Movies

A lot of people watch trailers, read reviews, and go into a movie with a clear idea of what to expect. Secret Movie will sell you tickets, but you won't know where the movie is being shown until they complete a series of tasks intended to make the moviegoing experience new again.

Dyeing for the Blues

Don't mind getting your fingers blue? Try your hand at indigo dyeing and make your own unique tote bag, t-shirts or pencil case.
Lasermads laser tag Hong Kong

The Sci-fi War

Put a laser gun in your hands and enter the world of your favourite science-fiction movies by playing laser tag at Lasermads.
Hong Kong Toyau rural life workshop


A space in Sheung Shui hosts workshops for people who want to ditch city life for a while and get hands on with nature by making pottery from actual soil.

Cupmen to the Rescue! Cup Noodle Timer Extraordinaire

Reporter: Phoebe Man Your stomach is growling from hunger. After making a tough decision over which soup base to choose, you pour boiling water into...