The Show Carries On

As a boy, Sam Wu dreamed of being a DJ, a singer, maybe a journalist. He wanted a stage, he wanted to perform but he became a teacher instead. Three years ago Wu was briefly famous after winning the Amazing Race Asia. Out of the limelight, Wu continues to teach and, as he tells Varsity, he realises he has found his stage after all.

Tammy Cheung Documented

She has exhausted her savings and has long given up the pretty clothes and make-up she used to wear on a regular basis. Tammy Cheung Hung tells Varsity how the documentary-maker's life has transformed her "from being seen by others to seeing others."

Educating Idealists

Chow Po-chung is not interested in the academic rat-race, where publications are the currency of fame and promotions. Instead, he counts his achievements by the number of students he has taught who have gone on to be leading members of Hong Kong's social movements.

One-man Crusade

Pong Yat-ming's one-man campaign to spend a year living without patronising Hong Kong's big conglomerates has ended. But the activist tells Varsity the crusade has already become part of his everyday life.

The Animated Storyteller

Home-grown, award-winning animator, John Chan prefers to think of himself as a storyteller who wants to bring cheer and optimism to Hong Kongers.

Big Canvas for a Small-screen Villain

Chan Min-leung is a familiar face in TVB dramas - he usually plays villains and unsavoury characters. Here he shows Varsity his other side as a dedicated and accomplished Chinese ink painter.

An Unlikely Activist

She dropped out of school at 14, became a receptionist and then a full-time mother. But Vivian Leung Tai Yuet-kam has many more roles than that. She founded the Lung Fu Shan Environmental Concern Group and the Hong Kong Breastfeeding Mothers' Association and is also a part-time farmer. Varsity finds out what drives her.

Born to Dance

Jin Yao is Hong Kong's leading ballerina. She was born into a dancing family and knew from an early age that she was destined to dance. Here, she tells Varsity about the gruelling and sometimes lonely life of a top dancer, and of what spurs her on.

Chilled Under Fire

Hong Kong-born reporter for CCTV news, Sze Ho-wai tells Varsity how he stayed calm while being held hostage in war-torn Libya.

One best shot: Vincent Yu

Internationally acclaimed Hong Kong photojournalist Vincent Yu on taking "one best shot" for every story and running his Upper Station Gallery.