Running into the Light

Kim Mok Kim-ming lost his sight as a teenager. But instead of letting his blindness hinder his life, Mok has become a trailblazer for the blind in the fields of information technology, social work and athletics. Next, he plans to take on the 100 kilometre hike, Trailwalker. Varsity catches up with the 'Fearless Dragon'.

Cecilie Gamst Berg’s Canto Crush

She's just crazy --- about Cantonese that is. Meet Cecile Gamst Berg, the Norwegian who has made it a life mission to make Cantonese a world language, starting with her unconventional language classes and outlandish online videos.

Gift of the Gag

Ray Chan Chin-ching has travelled from humble beginnings to co-found one of the world's fastest growing internet comedy sites. Until 9GAG won backing from prestigious Silicon Valley venture capitalists, few in Hong Kong realised it was a home-grown operation. Here, co-founder shares the secret to his success as an internet entrepreneur.

Santa Mario’s Magic Kingdom

As Marco Ko, he is a keeper of the Magical Kingdom - a social enterprise that brings magic to school-children and the elderly. As Santa Mario, he won third place for Hong Kong at an annual Santa Claus competition in Sweden last year. This holiday season, the unlikely Santa tells us we could all do with believing a bit in magic.

Stand by Our Gays

He's not just a pretty face. Mr Gay Hong Kong 2012, Benjie Caraig talks to Varsity about his journey to becoming an out Filipino gay man and his hopes to work for the gay community in Hong Kong.

Being Stephen Au

Stephen Au Kam-tong is best known as a local TV actor and presenter but he's also an outspoken advocate on causes such as the recent campaign against national education, a Bruce Lee devotee, filmmaker, stage actor and director. He has fought depression, the breakdown of his marriage and come back fighting. Varsity asks what drives him.

Voiceover Maestro

You have heard his voice hundreds, perhaps thousands of times but you might not recognise him in the street. Lam Pou Chuen is the voice behind Doraemon, the lovable cat with the magic gadgets formerly known as Ding Dong on Hong Kong's TV screens. Here he talks about his love for his favourite character and also being the voice of Sammo Hung Kam-po and other stars of the silver screen.

The Show Carries On

As a boy, Sam Wu dreamed of being a DJ, a singer, maybe a journalist. He wanted a stage, he wanted to perform but he became a teacher instead. Three years ago Wu was briefly famous after winning the Amazing Race Asia. Out of the limelight, Wu continues to teach and, as he tells Varsity, he realises he has found his stage after all.

Tammy Cheung Documented

She has exhausted her savings and has long given up the pretty clothes and make-up she used to wear on a regular basis. Tammy Cheung Hung tells Varsity how the documentary-maker's life has transformed her "from being seen by others to seeing others."

Educating Idealists

Chow Po-chung is not interested in the academic rat-race, where publications are the currency of fame and promotions. Instead, he counts his achievements by the number of students he has taught who have gone on to be leading members of Hong Kong's social movements.