Dancing on a Tightrope

Lyricist Chan Wing-him broke Lin Xi and Wyman Wong Wai-man's dominance of the local music industry by bagging the prize for Best Lyricist at the Ultimate Song Chart Awards this year. Here he tells Varsity about his journey from boy rebel to chart-topper.

The Pastor of Civic Square

He pitched a tent to protest alongside staff of HKTV, he is suing the government over the closure of Civic Square, he can be seen on the frontline at many of Hong Kong's social movements. American veteran and pastor Bob Kraft tells Varsity he is always protesting because fighting injustice is the right thing to do.

Stay Angry, Stay Witty

Illustrator Andy Leung Ka-chun, or "Angryangry" as he calls himself, draws on local development and conservation, and conflicts between mainland China and Hong Kong for his works. But as he explains to Varsity, his illustrations are not just a way to vent his anger towards social injustice, he also wants to arouse people's identification with their city.

Why So Serious?

Patrick Dunn has been an accountant, a disc jockey, a TV presenter and a part-time soldier. He's also a qualified pilot and certified diver. It sounds like a classic profile for a striver. But here, the Buzz Lightyear lookalike explains his laid-back attitude to life makes him the opposite of a determined over-achiever.

A New Mum’s Fresh Start

In a little over 30 years, Katherine Lam Suet-ying's life has taken her from the rooftop huts of Sham Shui Po to the Chinese restaurants of Florida, an American university education and a high-flying job as a banker in Hong Kong. But, inspired by new motherhood and a poverty-busting Nobel laureate, Lam has quit banking to become a social entrepreneur. She tells Varsity about her journey.

The Road Less Travelled

After graduating from university, Sherry Chan Yuen-yung took a succession of well-paid jobs in finance and law but she knew her heart was not in it. What she wanted to do was to travel and to write, so that is exactly what she did. Varsity meets the blogger and journalist who has made the conflict-ridden regions of the Balkans and the Middle East her specialty.

A Playwright for Our Time

One of Hong Kong's best known and most promising playwrights, Candace Chong Mui Ngam tells Varsity about her journey from exploring the dark recesses of the human psyche in her work, to putting Hong Kong's most pressing social and political issues up on the stage.

Galaman and the Armpit Revolution

Meet Johnee Lau Kwun-yiu, the young creator of Galaman - or Armpit Man - Hong Kong's baddest superhero. Lau tells Varsity how getting a bad grade in his public exams led him to first to question his own ability, and then on a journey to discovering his talent for animation.

Rocking His Second Shot at Fame

Simon Chung Wai-keung flirted with fame after beating Leslie Cheung Kwok-wing in a talent contest 36 years ago, and then faded into obscurity. Varsity meets the 60 year-old rocker who is enjoying his second brush with celebrity despite being knocked out of the national singing contest "Voice of China".

Attitude the Key to Conquering Altitudes

John Tsang Chi-sing, one of Hong Kong's top mountaineers talks to Varsity about the life lessons he learned up on some of the world's highest and most treacherous peaks, and on why you can never be too old to achieve your dreams.